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Tunnel Equipment

Carolina Pride, Carwash Inc. provides, sales, installation, and support for MacNeil equipment. Keeping your tunnel operating at peak performance requires quality equipment and superior service. Carolina Pride has both and the Tunnel Solutions series of equipment is designed to control and manage your solutions so you always provide a clean shiny finish.

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Options & Add-Ons

Every MacNeil tunnel wash system has available technology to meet the increasing demands of wheel care and vehicle drying. The Wheel Boss, Gloss Boss, and Tech 21 drying system is the answer for taking your tunnel wash to the next level and giving your customers the results that will keep them coming back.   

Wheel Boss

  • Cam Style Foam or Nylon Brushes
  • Rugged Construction For Maximum Product Life
  • Pulsating Deep Cleaning Action
  • Simple Height Adjustment & Leveling
  • Maintenance-Free Pro-Coat Finish
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Individually Controlled Side Pressure
  • Electric Drive

Gloss Boss

  • Cam Style Foam or Nylon Stepped Brushes
  • Rugged Design For Maximum Product Life
  • Uses Gentle Pressure To Provide Complete Tire Coverage
  • High-density, Dynamic Soft-Tipped Brush Adapts To All Tires
  • Gentle But Durable Brush With Life Up To 75,000 + Cars
  • Split End, Ultra-Soft, Feather-Tip Brush
  • Individually Controlled Side Pressure
  • Individually Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Electric Drive

Tech 21 Drying System

  • High Tech Nozzles For Precise Control
  • Optional Programmable SMART Nozzles For Multiple Postions
  • Customizable To Fit Varying Space Requirements
  • Engineered For Safety And Performance
  • Aerodynamic Shape For Less Noise
  • Touchless Drying Creates A Clean Open Look
  • Dries Mirrors And Backs Of Vehicles
  • Dynamically Balanced Fan
  • 155 MPH Air Speed

PowerLock Air Valve

  • Decreases Motor Horesepower By Up To 50%
  • Saves Up To 30% On Peak Use Billing On Overall Electricity From Dryers
  • Reduces Harmful Noise Frequencies By 3-5dB
  • Engages To Eliminate Airflow When Drying Open-bed Pickup Trucks
  • Programmable To Shut Down For Soft-Top Convertibles
  • All-Alluminum Construction
  • Adapts Easily To Tech 21 Dryer
  • Retrofit Adapters Available For Other Dryers
  • STaom;ess Steel And UHMW Glide Surfaces

Wheel Boss

Gloss Boss

Tech 21