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Tunnel Equipment

Carolina Pride, Carwash Inc. provides, sales, installation, and support for MacNeil equipment. Keeping your tunnel operating at peak performance requires quality equipment and superior service. Carolina Pride has both and the Tunnel Solutions series of equipment is designed to control and manage your solutions so you always provide a clean shiny finish.

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In-Bay Express Wash Conversion

35 feet is all it takes to transition from an under performing in-bay automatic to a profitable mini-tunnel. The MacNeil In-Bay Express Conversion offers you the best in-bay automatic retrofit solution, helping you increase your throughput by three times.  

In-Bay Express Wash Conversion

  • Only 35 Feet Required
  • Increase to 50 Vehicles per Hour
  • Increase Profits With Wheel and Tire Add-Ons
  • Lower Installation Costs With Shorter
    Downtime and Little or No Site Changes
  • Reduce Water and Formula Consumption

MacNeil In-bay Express Conversion_100 ft

MacNeil In-Bay Express Mini Tunnel Conversion Layouts

Standard LT
MacNeil In-bay Express Conversion_LT
Deluxe XLT
MacNeil In-bay Express Conversion_Delux