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Tunnel Equipment

Carolina Pride, Carwash Inc. provides, sales, installation, and support for MacNeil equipment. Keeping your tunnel operating at peak performance requires quality equipment and superior service. Carolina Pride has both and the Tunnel Solutions series of equipment is designed to control and manage your solutions so you always provide a clean shiny finish.

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Express Wash Tunnels

MacNeil has built upon years of engineering excellence to provide you with the fastest, quietest, safest and most reliable tunnel car wash available industry-wide.  Regardless if you’re upgrading a current system or this is your first time in the car wash industry, MacNeil has consistently outperformed our competition, providing you and your customers with exceptional results every single time.  Not to mention returns on your investment.

Express Wash Tunnels

  • Innovative XR-1000 Conveyor
  • Complete Presoak Coverage
  • Gentle Friction Wash on Top, High and Low Sides
  • High Pressure Wash and Rinse Including Side
    and Bumper Blasters
  • Rinse, Shine, and Dry Control Throughout
    The Entire Process


  • Gloss Boss-Automated Tire Dresser
  • Wheel Boss-Foam or Bristle Brush Wheel Cleaner
  • Power Locks-Energy Saving Noise Reducing Add-On
  • Tech 21 Drying System With Smart Nozzels

85 Foot Express Tunnel
100 Foot Express Tunnel
120 Foot Express Tunnel
150 Foot Express Tunnel