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ICS Systems & Equipment

Carolina Pride, Carwash Inc. provides sales, installation, and service for all of your ICS Systems and equipment. Keeping your
tunnel operating at peak performance requires quality equipment and superior service. Carolina Pride has both and theTunnel Solutions series of equipment is designed to control and manage your solutions so you always provide a clean shiny finish.

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ICS Innovative
Control Systems

From controllers to the car wash pay station, ICS produces innovative and reliable technology that makes it easier to manage your wash and provide a convenient experience to your customers.  

Tunnel Master® wbc
Tunnel Control System

  • Nerve Center of Your Car Wash
  • Target Chemistry on the Car
  • Set RPM of the Tunnel Equipment
  • Optimize Water Usage
  • Efficiently Manage Utilites
  • Web Based Controller
  • Compatible With All OEM Car Wash Equipment
  • Access and Control Equipment Rooms

car wash controller, ICS tunnel master, wbc

ICS Auto Sentry® flex

Monitor, manage, and market your car wash with the Auto Sentry Flex.  The outdoor, unattended, point-of-sale  car wash pay station welcomes customers to your wash, provides clear and inviting upsell opportunities, and increases your customer throughput and sales.   

ICS Auto Sentry Flex

  • Build Profits
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Chip and PIN Credit Card Ready
  • PCI Compliance
  • POS Marketing Opportunities
  • Labor Saving, Efficient, Unattended Functionality

car wash pay station, ICS auto sentry flex

Auto Sentry® flex

ICS Auto Sentry® Petro

The Auto Sentry Petro was designed as a cashless car wash pay station to alleviate the theft and safety risks associated with cash retrieval. Monitor your wash with full data network connectivity and real-time system alerts. Customize the marketing message  and leverage your other marketing and branding strategies. The Petro accepts credit or gift card purchases made at the terminal as well as purchased wash codes made at the pump on in the C-store.   

ICS Auto Sentry Petro

  • Secure Cashless Terminal
  • 15″ Sunlight-Readable Touchscreen Display
  • Chip and PIN Credit Card Ready
  • Wash Cars While Stacking Two More
  • Real-time Management Information
  • POS Marketing Opportunities
  • Optional Onboard Camera For Added Securtiy
  • Customizable Videos
  • Achieve PCI Compliance

car wash pay station, ICS auto sentry petro

Auto Sentry Petro