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Tunnel Solutions Series

Carolina Pride designs their Tunnel Solutions Equipment Series to meet specific needs for tunnel operators. However, the flexibility of the equipment makes it suitable for other non-tunnel wash applications. Explore the line of equipment to see what can make your wash more efficient and profitable.

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Fluid Management System

A key piece of equipment in the Tunnel Solutions equipment series is our Fluid Management System. The system is compact and designed to promote better water management and operational efficiency through superior fluid distribution.

Fluid Management System

Greater efficiency means higher profits

  • Reduces Plumbing Costs
  • Space Saving Wall Mount Design
  • Individual Cut Offs for Easy Servicing
  • Pre-plumbed and Tested
  • Industrial Grade Solenoids
  • Heavy Duty Gauge Aluminum Manifolds
  • Works with Fresh or Reclaimed Water
  • Brass Ball Valves
fluid management ball valves and swivel adapters

Brass Ball Valves & Swivel Adapters

Tunnel Solutions Equipment

tunnel solutions fluid management system

Heavy Gauge Aluminum Manifolds