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Car Wash Equipment & Systems

Flexible, reliable, and profitable equipment is the backbone of a successful car wash. Carolina Pride designs and builds the finest self-serve car wash equipment in the industry and we only partner with other manufactures that share the same mission to provide value  to each customer.

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Wash Systems – Water Quality – Fluid Management – Solution Distribution

car wash equipment self-serve performa

PerformaTM Series
Car Wash Systems

car wash equipment self-serve express

ExpressTM Series
Car Wash Systems

Self-serve car wash equipment, Optimax menuOptimax Series
Car Wash Systems

In-Bay Automatic
Car Wash Systems

Tunnel Operators
Car Wash Systems

car wash equipment foaming station

Foaming  Stations

car wash equipment prep station
Prep Stations

car wash equipment spot free rinse

Spot Free

car wash equipment vacuum


car wash equipment self-serve solution distribution


car wash equipment self-serve turbo dry


car wash equipment self-serve low pressure system

Low Pressure

Payment Solutions

Mercury Payment System