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Tunnel Solutions

Carolina Pride designs their car wash equipment and the Dual Gun Prep Station in the Tunnel Solutions Equipment Series to meet specific needs for tunnel operators. However, the flexibility of the equipment makes it suitable for other non-tunnel wash applications. Explore the line of equipment to see what can make your wash more efficient and profitable.

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Dual Gun Prep Station

Prepping a car will have a positive impact on your bottom line. When performed properly, prepping a car cleans hard to reach surfaces, loosens built up grime, and provides the personal touch your customers will appreciate.

car wash equipment dual gun prep station

Dual Gun Prep Station

Tunnel Solutions Equipment

Dual Gun Prep Station

Service that yields loyalty building results.

  • Dual Gun or Single Gun Outlets
  • Cat CP Series Pumps
  • 50-Gallon Tank to Minimize Refills


  • Motor Starter
  • Timer Control
  • Low Water Pump Protection
  • Pressure Switch Controls
  • Activation Controls
  • Hydrominder Solution Injection
  • Trigger Guns & Wands
  • Wand Holders
  • Hose Kits

Trigger Gun & Wand Assembly

Hydrominder Kit

Stainless Steel Wand Holder