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DRB Systems & Equipment

Carolina Pride, Carwash Inc. provides sales, installation, and service for all of your DRB Systems and equipment. Keeping your tunnel operating at peak performance requires quality equipment and superior service. Carolina Pride has both and the Tunnel Solutions series of equipment is designed to control and manage your solutions so you always provide a clean shiny finish.

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DRB Tunnel Watch System

TunnelWatch is more than a conveyor controller; the DRB system is a new breed of tunnel management system that keeps you in closer touch with your car wash and gives you an unprecedented level of control over your equipment.

With TunnelWatch in your corner, you’ll be able to operate your tunnel more efficiently, resulting in lower costs, enhanced wash quality, and greater customer satisfaction.   

Tunnel Watch
Tunnel Management

  • Cloud Backup
  • Vehicle Traits Adjustments
  • Vehicle Profile Detection™
  • Device Saturation Guard
  • Smooth SiteWatch® Interface
  • Simulated Pulse and Enter Switch
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Convenient Relay Configurations

DRB System, tunnel watch

TunnelWatch 4.0 interface works with any mobile device. 

DRB Xpress Pay Terminal®

The DRB system that includes a self-pay termina, increases productivity, saves time and allows customers to control their own transactions. Xpress Pay Terminal® works for exterior or full service tunnels-whereveryou want to allow the customer to self-pay.   

Xpress Pay Terminal®

  • High Volume Capability
  • Works With Full Service or Stand Alone
  • Xpress Credit Card Clearing
  • Attractive Audio-Visual Interface
  • Weather Resistant Reliability
  • Heater and solid State Memory Backup
  • User-Friendly Reachable “Strike Zone”
  • Comprehensive Reporting Features
  • Marketing Features Include: Barcode Reader
    Custom Branded Decals, Multiple Sites and More

DRB System, Xpress pay 1

Xpress Pay Terminal Speeds Self Pay Processing 

DRB System, Xpress pay 2
Marketing and Reporting Features Increase ROI