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Create Excitement at Your Wash With Vacuums

When you add “FREE VACUUMS” to your business  model you draw customers in and provide an essential service that quickly yields a profitable return on your investment.  Carolina Pride is your source for dependable vacuums and compliments your wash equipment. Crescent Vacuum Stanchions are large, colorful, and serve to attract new customers to your wash.

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Vacuum Stanchions

Industrial grade Crescent Vacuum Stanchions are a great way to provide a superior vacuum service, draw in customers with high visibility, and market your wash as a full featured self-serve facility.

Vacuum Stanchions

  • Industrial Grade Stanchions
  • Single or Dual Vacuum Drop
  • 1-1/2” x 15’ Flexible Hose
  • Powder Coated in Your Choice of Colors

  • Overhead Vacuum Piping
  • Vacuum Debris Separator
  • Vacuum Claw Holder or Crevice Tool
  • LED Light Bar
  • Push Button Start
  • Refuse Container
  • Floor Mat Holder
  • Bottle Holder

car wash equipment vacuum stanchions

car wash equipment vacuum stanchions at night with options

Stanchions With Optional Light Bar & Refuse Containers

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car wash equipment crescent vacuum stanchion with light

Car Wash Equipment Vacuum Stanchion with LED Light