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Cleaning Solutions

At Carolina Pride, our superior cleaning solutions are the foundation of building business you can rely on. We have partnerships with the top brands that insure you get the right solutions for your wash. Our goal is to tailor a cleaning solution to you that delivers value to your customer, profit to your bottom line, and above all, a clean and shiny finish.

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Recognized, sustainable, name brands that your customers know and trust. ArmorAll, Rain-X, Simoniz, Blue Coral, and others are names you can depend on to deliver a clean and shiny finish to every vehicle.

Cleaning Solutions Group

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We are customer-focused and pledge to provide products that deliver superior value and a positive wash experience to your and your customers.

We pledge to make every effort to assist you in developing your business to maximize your profit and return on investment.

We are committed to providing sustainable solutions that help improve your efficiency while helping to protect the world around us for generations to come.

We take a comprehensive approach and consider safety, water and energy use, and waste with regard to regulatory requirements and the overall impact our cleaning products have on our world.

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  • Carolina Pride will develop, recommend, and deliver a customized cleaning solution for your particular wash in your particular region. learn more
  • On-site water quality assessments, equipment recommendations, and chemical supply service are all part of the Carolina Pride cleaning solutions partnerships. know more
  • Carolina Pride’s cleaning solutions experts are pros at recommending promotional and merchandising programs designed to increase wash trials and boost loyalty. sell more
  • In-house graphic design that creates customized traffic buildling signs, point of purchase materials, and eye-catching menu layouts that encourage customer to choose top wash packages. attract more
  • Distribution warehouses in Timberlake, NC and Columbia, SC ensure you get the chemicals you need at the time you need them. find more
  • Contact your sales rep to order your cleaning and conditioning solutions. They are available in a variety of sizes and are typically in stock, ready for shipping. save more